5 Ways of Making Your Yard Less Attractive to Mosquitos. Life After Bugs in Houston, Texas

The warm weather and longer summer evenings have brought with them the dreaded side consequence of time spent outside for many Houstonians: mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance but also a potential health risk. These tips by Life After Bugs, a renowned company among Houston Pest Control Companies, can help you reduce the mosquito population and maintain a pleasant outdoor space throughout spring and summer.

Ways of Making Your Yard Less Attractive to Mosquitos as Per Houston Pest Control Experts.

Landscape your yard

Little bloodsuckers like dark, wet, and chilly environments. Spend some time trimming down trees and bushes and mowing the lawn to bring more light into your yard. Cedar mulch is great for preventing mosquitoes and soaking up excess water because of its inherent anti-mosquito properties.

Drain standing water

Standing water is a breeding place for mosquitoes, so any accumulation of water in your yard can be a problem. Look out for and drain any standing water before mosquitoes establish a breeding ground in your yard. Make sure the saucers under your potted plants have drainage holes, and empty the birdbaths on a regular basis. Kid toys that can collect water should be flipped over or dumped anytime it rains. In addition, adjust your grading accordingly in order to prevent water from pooling in certain areas of your yard. Standing water is also common in yards with clogged rain gutters, clogged lawn drains, and yard depressions.

Plant natural repellants

Candles with a citronella scent are nice, but the plant itself is surprisingly simple to grow. Plus, many additional plants can deter pests. Flowers, including chrysanthemums,  geraniums, marigolds, and savory herbs, including sage, lavender, rosemary, basil, lemongrass, and peppermint, can be used to ward off mosquitoes and other biting insects. The leaves or petals must be crushed and rubbed on the skin in order to extract any beneficial properties.

Using a repellant spray

DEET-based products are the best when it comes to repelling mosquitos. DEET doesn’t kill mosquitoes; it only masks our scent so they can’t find us. Although it has a bad reputation, the CDC and the EPA have both found that the spray poses no risk to human health when used as directed, even in the presence of children.

Effectively dealing with food remnants

Mosquitoes will discover any sweet-smelling foods left out, whether you’re having a lively barbecue or just enjoying your morning coffee outside. Mosquitoes feed on blood, but they also like fruit nectar, so the sweet smells of your snacks will attract them even if you’re eating while outside. This implies that your milkshake has the potential to attract a swarm of mosquitoes to your backyard.

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All year through, Life After Bugs, a leading Houston Pest Control company, teams up with many property holders to guarantee that their premises are clear of any possibly dangerous bugs, pests, or nuisances. Mosquitoes are a disturbance, yet in addition a potential health risk. Call our mosquito control experts when you notice mosquitoes in your yard or house.