A Guide To Lip Fillers: All You Need To Know

We all want those plump lips. Lips are like cherries on our faces. The volume of our lips tends to determine our ultimate appeal. Therefore, people often go for lip treatments to have as much volume in their lips as possible. However, surgeries are not the only option.

Lip fillers are another route to get amazing lips. Therefore, we must consider it! In this blog, we will talk about the complete guide to lip fillers to understand what to do for thick lips (ปาก หนา ทํา ไง ดี, which is the term in Thai).

4 Things To Know About Lip Fillers

Now that we know about the importance of lip fillers let us consider some important characteristics that we must know about.

● Main Ingredient

The main ingredient found in lip fillers is hyaluronic acid [HA]. Hyaluronic acid is known for moisturizing your skin. It is also popular for having a plumping effect. Moreover, it helps eliminate wrinkles. For these reasons, lip fillers often contain them. The resultant plumpness of lips brings about a gorgeous appeal.

● Essential Preparations

Some major precautions must be taken before getting lip fillers. First, smoking and drinking should be avoided before getting injected. Intake of certain medicines also must be averted as they may work to worsen the side effects or might even be dangerous. Consulting a doctor would let you know about the ones to abstain.

● Notable Risks

Some people can have an allergic response to getting lip fillers. They may also develop certain infections. If injected into an artery, the tissue may suffer from severe damage. Thus, it is an effortful procedure that must be performed with utmost care. Therefore, consulting a professional carries a lot of significance in this case.

● After Effects 

After injecting a lip filler, your lips might swell for some days. A certain level of irritation might follow it. Not only that, but it might cause pain for a while around the injected area. This is, however, not a very concerning reaction. Your lips would restore to normal within a few days. However, if they don’t, see a doctor immediately.


In this blog, we’ve covered all the essential things about lip fillers that you must know before considering getting them. From preparations to aftereffects, all have been talked about. Therefore, if you choose to get it, don’t do so without reading the main details of the same. It might save you a lot of money. Overall, do not get such a major job without consulting a professional. This is probably one of the most important takeaways.