How Are MCQs Helpful for Class 10 Science CBSE Exams?


Class 10 Science provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers various topics, such as chemical compounds, elements, and chemical processes. These chapters need the most preparation. To complete their preparations, students must study and practice the MCQs for the Class 10 Science Board Exam.

Read this article to understand how MCQs are helpful for class 10 science CBSE exams.

How are MCQs Helpful for Class 10 Science CBSE Exams?

The CBSE Class 10 Science syllabus includes five units: Chemical Substances: Nature and Behaviour, Current Effects, World of Living, Natural Phenomena, and Natural Resources. 

  • The MCQs thoroughly comprehend all of the key ideas presented in the course.
  • The MCQ of chemical reaction and equation and other chapters will assist students in creating a mental map for numerous themes and subtopics to prepare for the exam adequately.
  • Solving and practising these chapter-wise MCQs for CBSE Class 10 Science will give students a good idea of the subjects.
  • As a result, these vital MCQs will be highly valuable for students’ last-minute test revision.

The Benefits of Class 10 Science MCQs

  • The MCQs are created following the Class 10 Science curriculum. All the chapters and the MCQs have been prepared to cover the topics. 
  • You can quickly clear up any doubts about these MCQs. Learn how to respond accurately to such questions and improve your score.
  • Studying these MCQs will also help you comprehend different question patterns and prepare for them in advance.
  • The MCQs are an excellent assessment tool for determining the level of preparedness. Students can finish preparing a chapter and then concentrate on solving these MCQs independently. 


Students must thoroughly read the NCERT to comprehend the concepts thoroughly. The MCQs will help students become acquainted with the latest exam format, and these will also be useful for last-minute revisions. Students who want to do well in CBSE Class 10 exam must practice the maths MCQ questions and other subjects MCQs.


  1. How to create an effective Science study plan for class 10?

The following pointers can help you come up with a successful study strategy for Class 10 Science:

  • Make a timetable that covers all subjects
  • Concentrate on each class 10 Science chapter
  • For learning each chapter, use the NCERT book
  • By answering the key questions, you can clarify all of your concepts
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
  • Maintain good physical and mental health so that you can concentrate on your schoolwork as well
  • Make a note of each chapter, which will assist you during the revision
  1. How do you prepare for the CBSE Class 10th Science exam?

The class 10th CBSE exam is crucial for students regarding their future careers. As a result, effective preparation for this exam is critical. To swiftly cover the subject, students should thoroughly read the NCERT textbook. Furthermore, students can study for their Class 10th science exam differently. They must primarily emphasise understanding the principles, and students should strive to relate them to their everyday lives.

  1. Will the CBSE class 10th term-2 exam 2022 be simpler or more difficult than previous years?

The CBSE Class 10th board test in 2022 will be easier due to the inclusion of MCQs in the paper pattern. Hence, it will be easy for students to prepare.