Tips To Move Granite, Quartz, And Marble

As we all know heavy goods must be handled carefully. Besides, stone countertops have the power to elevate the look of your kitchen. It can be difficult to move granite, quartz, and marble slabs without damaging them, particularly if you’re in charge of planning the delivery. When it comes to Granite, quartz, and marble slabs, they must be transported as a single solid piece, hence special tools must be used to prevent cracking.

This kind of material is infamous for being incredibly delicate, making transportation challenges. Incorrect handling of the slab itself can cause severe harm. Some of the commonly used equipment for moving granite, quartz, and marble are heavy-duty straps, a flatbed, a crane, carrying clamps, moving blankets, and gloves. Due to a variety of reasons, granite, quartz, and marble countertops are quite hard to move. They are delicate. In fact, they can break easily if they are handled improperly.

Additionally, countertops are sometimes built as a single solid piece, which results in their size, weight, and frequently uneven shape. One important thing that everybody must know is, stone countertops must not be moved horizontally. In fact, they must only be moved vertically. Even if you believe you’ve followed all the necessary steps, things can still go wrong. You may think that your friends and family members will help you and ensures that nothing goes wrong.

However, sometimes things might get messed up. It is important to take utmost precautions to safeguard your investment. Stone countertops are not cheap, which is why you must choose the right way to ship them. Click on to know more about the way to transport Granite, Quartz, and Marble. You can always take the assistance of professionals from a shipping company like Ship a Car, Inc to transport them safely.

Hiring professionals for this job is very important as they know how to use the tools for moving heavy stone slabs easily and safely. Any mistake you do when moving them can result in an injury.

The heavy stone slabs are not really easy to move onto trucks. When you buy the Granite countertops, those who install them in your kitchen will deliver them. However, you will need to arrange the shipping yourself, if you buy a reused countertop.

You could relocate it yourself, but doing so could endanger the security of your pricey countertops because transporting Granite and other heavy stone countertops is a delicate and difficult process. As there are many shipping companies available nowadays, choose the best from the options available for shipping heavy stone slabs or countertops.

Choose a shipping company that is known for on-time delivery. You will get to know about this by looking at the client reviews of various shipping companies online.

Choose a shipping company that offers 24/7 support, as it helps you to contact them easily for any kind of queries. Choose a shipping company that will be transparent about its terms and conditions. Hiring such a company ensures that things go smoothly. This gives you peace of mind!