A Step-By-Step Guide To Recover Facebook Chats

Step-By-Step Guide To Recover Facebook Chats

Facebook chats have been a vital part of business communication. Yet, chats get deleted by accident, or technical issues can indicate a leak or loss of important information and discussions. Thankfully the business manager proposes a way to get back these valuable and essential chats. This blog explores how to get back to Facebook chats using Facebook Business Manager.

How To Recover Facebook Chats Using The Facebook Business Manager?

If you are wondering how to recover Facebook chats (เรียก คืน ประวัติการ แช ท messenger, which is the term in Thai), you need to follow specific steps; here are a few steps we have to follow:

· Accessing Facebook Business Manager

To start the recovery process, log in to your Facebook account and navigate to business.facebook.com. If you don’t have a Facebook manager account, create one by the instructions provided here; after logging in, locate the” Business Setting” tab at the right corner of the dashboard.

· Navigating To The Messages Inbox

Within the “Business Setting,” you need to scroll down until you don’t find out the “Messages section.” Click on the” Inbox” to see your Facebook chats. The inbox opened here will show all the business chats and communication.

· Utilizing The Search Function

Utilize the search key at the top of the inbox. Use relevant keywords or words to search the message for an individual, a group, or any particular details of a chat you want to get back. Facebook will search through the conversations and provide the best results to you.

· Recovering The Deleted Chats

If you have deleted some crucial chats by mistake, there is a high chance of recovering them. Scroll down to the search results and find out the deleted chats. Click on the open the chat window. If the communication is recoverable, you will see a message that says the chat has been moved to “Archived chats” To convert the chats and add the chats to the inbox, click on the “Unarchive” button.

· Exporting Chat For Backup

To ensure the protection of your Facebook chats, it is suggested to export them as a backup. Within the chat window, click on the gear icon discovered in the top-right corner and select “Export Chat.”


The accidental loss of Facebook chats can be sad, but Facebook Manager can recover the chats. You can safeguard your business’s valuable communication by following simple steps, including accessing Facebook Manager, navigating to the Messages Inbox, using the search function, recovering deleted chats, and exporting chats for backup.